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    “I particularly like working with people who wish to evolve…”

My Services
Less Information – More Transformation!

I am available for readings and channelings any time in person and by Skype or telephone (I prefer Skype or FaceTime because I can actually see you, and you can see me).

I can give you a lot of information, but I believe that it is more significant to take that information and use it to transform and release the blocks and issues that are brought up in the reading.  That way, when we finish the session, you will have released all kinds of “stuff”, and you will feel differently about yourself and your life.  Moreover, if there is any karma involved, we will work on releasing as much as possible from your soul.

The reading lasts one hour, during which you will receive some information and a lot of transformation (see the slogan, above).  Afterward, you will get either an mp3 or CD of the session.  Each session costs $150.

I even do psychotherapy – both with individuals and couples.  I particularly like working with people who wish to evolve.


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