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    Let me help you to release blocks, heal traumas, and effect positive transformation…

  • Aruhatala of Telos

    This is an applique I created that gives
    you a sense of Aruhatala–her beauty, love,
    and the White Christed Light coming
    through her and out her hands.

  • Spiritual

    Help with making decisions
    about your Life Purpose

    Rid yourself of phobias and complexes

    Discover what might be holding you
    back from finding your soul mate

  • Sci-Fi Publications

    The introduction of Migal Horne in “The Sunburst Crown”
    and follow him in his continuing adventures in “Uldovai’s Quest”.

Ariana Sarris, LMFT
Toward Self Evolvement
Science Fiction Author

Arian gives you guidance on how to contact your higher self and guardian angels, who will gladly assist you in all of your work. Gain insights for fast and powerful inner changes, starting with your soul, and working with your mind, heart, and spirit.

Aruhatala of Telos

Aruhatala of Telos, a woman from the Fifth Dimension, has come to help us release our inner distortions (blocks, traumas, personal patterns), and move toward our personal and planetary evolvement–in a loving, heart focused way.

Sci Fi Books

Over 10,000 years in the future, Harthan Empire is conquering known space, using psionics. A Garvan woman and a Harthan man are propelled by the invasion and his secret power toward a new destiny.


“Healing Your Past” encourages you to examine your past, your inner blocks, your unconscious patterns of limitation—and free yourself of them. You don’t have to do it alone.

Releasing Curses
a new book by Ariana
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Ariana Has a
YouTube Channel

About Ariana

Ariana Sarris is a long time psychotherapist and healer. She has written several self-help books all designed to give readers many tools to change their inner beliefs, patterns, fears, blocked energy, that work on the underlying impulses for our actions and provides many exercises to help foster deep change. She has been working as an intuitive and psychotherapist for almost 30 years. Her gift is the ability to hone into a person’s real root issues immediately and help create change inside them. It’s a partnership between them.


Arian’s work with Aruhatala is amazing in the ‘higher’ view it always gives.  I always leave full of new vision for my life, with means of letting go past hindrances and reaching for a clearer life in this and all dimensions. P.S.

You put things into such clear perspective, and your insights are so profound, I have love talking to you.  When I get off, I feel so much clearer and in charge of my life.

I feel I can really trust to create a really safe space for my deep issues.

I was really impressed with the work I watched you doing with someone else, and I’d like you to work on a lifelong issue that no one else has ever been able to help me with.

What you did for me transformed my life.

“The information you bring in is so clear and powerful. You are a tremendously clear channel.”

“I’m amazed every time I ask a question. What I get is so far beyond anything I would expect. Thank you for doing this work!”

“What I learned from you has completely shifted my thinking and feeling. I no longer feel like I am floundering around, not sure which way I was going.”

“What you do is such a gift! I learn more about myself and my whole sense of being every time I get an answer from you.”

I have never felt such change inside of me before.  What you did just blew me away.

You saw things I never revealed to other people, clearly and scarily accurate, and when we transformed them, I was amazed that things actually changed.

Hi Arian!

I found a book you wrote called 21 ways to attract your soulmate. It is so sweet! I love your style. I am a Love and Dating coach and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom it is really in line with my beliefs so it is fun to read. Lots of LOVE and gratitude to you.

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